Making a “Connection Bridge” With Your Kids

One of the most difficult issues for working parents is having to be away from their kids–whether it is to go to work, travel for business, share parenting responsibilities with a partner, or simply drop your kids off at day care or school. In her recent blog, Andrea Nair suggests you try making a “connection bridge” between you and your kids for when you are apart. Her suggestions are threefold:

  1. Prepare them in advance by filling their “tanks” with love and attention before you leave.
  2. Young children can tolerate being away from their caregivers when they know exactly when they will see them again–use a time marker they will understand like “I look forward to seeing you right after circle time.”
  3. In addition to knowing when you will return, find a small object that a child could keep in a lunch box or pocket to hold when they are missing you such as small rocks, old pieces of costume jewelry or even sticky notes.

Her blog provides some helpful insights and thoughts on how to make any separation more tolerable for you and your kids.