Why I’m Quitting My Job as a Stay-at-Home Mom!



Ashley Abramson, writing in the HuffPost Endeavor blog, shares her candid insight on making a decision to become a full time stay-at-home mom for her son and also her later decision to re-enter the work world. Her blog is humorous, real and full of considerations that every working mom thinks about all of the time. The take away for me in reading her blog is what I knew already–you have to make the decision that is right for you and your family AND you need to appreciate that what is the best choice may change from time to time.

In thinking about the pros and cons of returning to work, Ashley comments: “…Once I took the leap, I realized I’m a better mom when I’m doing what makes me feel alive. I’m a stronger parent while Ollie’s at daycare, not when I plop him in front of the TV so I can focus on a deadline. So I put him in childcare twice a week to pursue freelancing, and just like that, we found our sweet spot. He loves daycare, I love working, and we’re both giddy upon our reunion.” She goes on to explain why staying home was the right choice, and later, returning to work was the right choice too: “…Now, my son is almost two, and, as fate would have it, I accepted a full-time job — my dream gig, writing copy for an agency. All because I quit my job almost two years ago. All because I had time to invest in what brings me life — time I never would have had if I wouldn’t have taken this roundabout path through stay-at-home motherhood.”

While this blog is not about working lawyer moms, Ashley’s thoughts and comments are equally applicable to all working parents.