Readers Provide Parenting Tips and Suggestions

Heidi Stevens writes a regular column for the Chicago Tribune and recently shared parenting tips contributed by her readers. I have briefly summarized these tips:

  1. Make a conscious decision to live in the moment–to not wish your child was taking one nap instead of two, not wish she could feed herself, not wish she didn’t need a ride, not get anxious for the next age.
  2. Someone once told me to always be happy to see them. I hope my children will forever feel welcome and at home where I am.
  3. Coach or help coach your kid’s team.
  4. Traditions help keep life in balance and give us something constant and consistent to anticipate, even if it is simply family pizza night.
  5. Listen to your kids and not just for your voice coming out of them but for their own voices.
  6. When you wake up, remember to start each day happy.
  7. Help them see their gifts and then guide them to activities where they can use them.
  8. Keep spending time and talking with them especially through the preteen and teen years.

I enjoy reading Heidi’s weekly column and she also has written a book Balancing Act that includes more than 50 essays on juggling life, love and work in a not always obliging world.

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