Now Trending: Family Time!

Hello Everyone,

As a new parent and maybe as some more experienced parents, we understand that we almost can never get enough family time. We have lots of work to accomplish, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, and copious amounts of house work to complete.

This week, family time has been highlighted in the political arena. Surprisingly though, this has been raised by men. The New York Times published an article; “Unlikely Alliance of Working Fathers“. It speaks about the demand of these very influential men, Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan, and the commitment they have to preserving family time.

The article also discusses the very different ways both successful men and women are treated when they seek to preserve a work life balance and spend time with their family. Simply put, women are seen as uncommitted to their work while men are rewarded.

However, this fatherhood trend toward preserving family time should be beneficial to the family dynamic as a whole. It is possible that the “family stigma” may be reduced when more men and women acknowledge their need to spend time with their families.