Dinner Table Conversation Topic: Books on the L

Hello All!

My goal as a poster to this blog is to not only post information that is informative and useful, but also to post information that makes your busy, hectic lives easier! So, while I will be posting about changes in the law that may affect you, I will also be posting topics that you can use to generate interesting dinner table conversations with your families. By doing so, I hope to save you at least 2 minutes on your way home that I’m sure you can use towards something else, like browsing matching Halloween costumes (which, if you’re interested, can be found here: 47 Fun, Freaky And Fantastic Family Halloween Costumes).

Chicago Ideas Week is wrapping up, and in case you didn’t have time to attend one of the talks, the website has plenty of great articles summarizing the various topics presented. Chicago Ideas Week also sponsors initiatives. One I found particularly interesting was Books on the L. Chicago Ideas Week is sending hundreds of books across the city that you can take, read and return. This phenomenon started in London before coming to New York and Chicago. So keep an eye out next time you and your family are on the train for one of the many books that you can explore together! For more information, check out Chicago’s Newest Library is on a Train and the Chicago Ideas Week Homepage. Need some inspiration so you can keep an eye out for a specific title? Check out a list of authors and titles recommended via the The CIW Library: Books Not to Miss.

Happy reading!

Books on the L