Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Unfinished Business Insights

Anne-Marie Slaughter, well known for her 2012 controversial piece in The Atlantic “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” has written a new book titled Unfinished Business. Early reviews of the recently released book assert it is a powerful, persuasive, thought-provoking vision for how to finish the long struggle for equality between men and women, work and family. In an interview appearing in the September issue of More magazine, she was asked “You say the next phase of the women’s movement is a men’s movement. How so?” The response she provides is classic and makes me want to read the book.

She said the following: “We’ve liberated women, but we’ve liberated women to be men. And we haven’t liberated men at all. That is a radically imbalanced revolution. My father was a lawyer; I’m a lawyer. Women wanted to have financial independence, so we took on our fathers’ jobs. In the meantime, we devalued what our mothers did. But without our mothers (being caregivers), our fathers never would have been able to do what they did. How on earth do we expect women to do everything our fathers did and our mothers did?”

I think I will read the book looking for more words of wisdom!