Working Parents Impacts

A common question working parents ask: My spouse and I both work. How will this affect our family? According to a recent blog posted at, millions of families find that they need two wage-earners in order to buy a home, pay the rent, afford vacations or simply to maintain the family budget. In most communities, two-working parent families are no longer exceptional. Like all other life decisions, there are pros and cons that two-working parent families face.

The good news is the increased income and the potential for greater equality in the roles of husband and wife. As all working parents appreciate, it can be challenging at the best of times to balance responsibilities at home and at work.  If you are starting to feel burned out, below are some suggestions you may wish to consider:

  1. Throughout your workday, fit some relaxing moments into your routine.
  2. If you regularly come home tired, try to develop rituals that improve your frame of mind when you arrive home.
  3. Assess how you are spending your time during the day.
  4. Involve the entire family in the evening responsibilities that are such a drain on your time and energy.
  5. Keep your expectations realistic.
  6. On the weekend, schedule some relaxation time for yourself.

Everyone’s situation is different but it can be useful to learn what others have found helpful in similar situations. Take a look at this new blog and see if one of these suggestions and the related discussion regarding each might offer helpful insight into how best to juggle your work day.