Summer Childcare 2016: Make Plans Now!

With most kids just now returning to school, the last thing working parents are thinking about is childcare for next summer. In her new article How to Survive the Summer Child-Care Void Next Year, Kate Mangan suggests that thinking about childcare now and planning ahead is the best solution. Working parents spend an average of $7,000 on summer childcare costs and working lawyer parents likely spend even more, particularly thinking about lost revenue with time away from work and business development.

Kate encourages working parents to think about possible childcare support and options including: 1) taking strategic vacations allowing working parents to share in childcare responsibilities; 2) developing the best possible deep bench of babysitters; 3) seeking support from grandparents and other relatives; and, 4) considering summer camps that might make sense for your children. The article also offers links to service providers and other helpful resources.

While we all hope that summer will last as long as possible, it already is time to think about your family’s childcare needs in 2016.