Things You Should Never Say to a Working Mom

A report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released earlier this year confirmed what most of us already knew–most mothers work. Based upon 2014 data, the report confirmed the workforce participation rate for married mothers with a spouse present was 68% and the participation rate was slightly higher at 75% for mothers with other marital statuses, i.e., never married, widowed, divorced, separated or married but living apart of their spouse. In light of these statistics, why are so many people openly critical and judgmental of working mothers assuming that we somehow care less for our children because we work?

Isn’t that what the feminist movement was all about? The right to make our own choices not only about our bodies but how we live our lives. A great article in Working Mother 13 Things You Should Never Say to a Working Mom” reminds us that we should think carefully before we offer unsolicited opinions or make hurtful  or rude comments to working mothers. The author’s conclusion is perfect: “The questions and words should not be filled with judgment but with support. After all, we are all mothers, we all adore our children and we all want what’s best for them. We are all doing what we have to do for our families and we are all different. So, let’s give each other support and understanding no matter if we stay home, work from home, work outside the home or somewhere in between.”