Asking the Right Questions – Hiring a Nanny or Babysitter

The task may seem daunting. But we do have suggestions for how to interview potential child care providers. Our suggestions:

Sample Nanny Interview Questions

1. Why are you a nanny?
2. How long have you been a nanny?
3. Describe your work schedule and duties at your previous families.
4. Past experience? (Number of kids, ages, how long you cared for, interaction with the family, typical day, why left)?
5. Formal early childhood development of childcare training?
6. CPR Training?
7. First Aide Training?
8. Background check?
9. What would you do if a child is sick or has an accident?
10. How would you handle criticism or suggestions where the parent is very upset/emotional about the issue or where you strongly disagree with the parent?
11. What do you like about being a nanny?
12. What do you dislike about being a nanny?
13. What are your beliefs about childrearing? (discipline, naps, learning, feeding, etc) 14. How do you discipline?
15. How do you comfort a child that is sad, sick, or angry?
16. How do you get a child to go down for a nap?
17. Describe a typical day with my child (activities, sleep, structure, reading, singing) 18. How do you describe yourself? What do you like to do?
19. Why are you looking for a new job?
20. What are some of the rules (for kids and parents) you followed in other homes that have worked well?
21. Which rules didn’t work well?
22. Describe your ideal family/employer.
23. Do you have any pet peeves about parents/children?
24. What are some examples of things that upset you about your last family? What things would you have changes in the previous arrangement?
25. Are you willing/interest in doing any housekeeping? What?
26. What are you willing to do regarding pets?
27. When can you start working?
28. Are you ever available to work nights/weekends?
29. How flexible are you with overtime or late notices evenings/weekends?
30. How do you get to work? What is your driving history?
31. Did you drive with the other families? Their car? What kinds of car? Where did you go?
32. What is your hourly rate? 1 kid? 2 kids? 3 kids?
33. How do you like to get paid?
34. What are your expectations regarding vacation, holidays, sick time?
35. References. What was your relationship with each? May we call?