Asking the Right Questions – Finding Daycare

Asking the right questions at the outset is critical to finding the best possible daycare. Here is a list of our recommendations:

1. What is the student/teacher ratio?
2. How is the daycare structured/organized?
3. How many children apply versus get accepted?
4. When do you accept applications?
5. What is your policy for sick kids?
6. What are your hours? What is your policy for tardiness?
7. What is your policy for potty training?
8. How are classes organized?
9. What is taught? For how long?
10. What is the age range for your students?
11. What are the teacher’s qualifications? Who are the teachers?
12. Are the teachers trained in CPR/first aide?
13. Are the teachers certified?
14. How is lunch/snacks handled? Bring their own food or do they prepare food?
15. What are your hours?
16. How are naps handled?
17. How are the children disciplined?
18. Do the children go outside of the building? When? Where? How? For how long?
19. Are there any field trips? Where? When?
20. Are there any requirements for the parents?
21. Where are the children generally from in class?
22. Would I be able to bring any of my child’s personal belongings?
23. What are your fees/billing structure? How often do you bill?
24. How long has the daycare been around?
25. Have any complaints been filed against the daycare? If so, what were they?
26. When can I take a tour/meet teachers?